Explore our FAQs to discover more about Dirty Graphix and our equipment wrap kits. If you need further assistance, contact us at info@dirtygraphix.com.

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About Dirty Graphix

1. What makes Dirty Graphix unique?

Dirty Graphix is the industry leader in custom graphic wraps for heavy equipment. In fact, Dirty Graphix is the only company that provides pre-cut wraps created to be installed by the customer. This eliminates the need to be located near a shop or pay extra for labor and installation. Dirty Graphix was created by an industry expert who recognized the need and opportunity to provide cutting-edge branding solutions while simultaneously protecting the exterior of your equipment. 

2. What does Dirty Graphix specialize in?

Dirty Graphix specializes in custom wrap kits for heavy equipment. Our wraps are a next-level branding solution for your business and will help you stand out as a leader in your industry.

3. Where are Dirty Graphix wrap kits made?

Our custom wrap kits are proudly made in the United States.

4. Are Dirty Graphix wrap kits tough enough to withstand the work I do?

Absolutely. These are not your average graphic vinyl wraps. We know firsthand the harsh conditions heavy equipment is required to run in. Our industry experience led us to design our wraps with durability as a top priority, to provide a tough layer of protection to your heavy equipment. Not convinced? Check out our testimonials.

5. What are Dirty Graphix wraps made from?

* 6 mil. UV-resistant vinyl with air-pass technology for bubble-free installation

* 10 mil. High impact laminate

Design & Customization

1. What do I need to know when selecting colors for my wrap?

Due to color limitations, or faded plastics and other conditions, printed colors may be slight shades varying from the color of your machine. Our colors are color-approved and tested by us to be the closest match possible on our end. All wraps have seams and do not cover every single square inch. Colors are displayed to be as close as possible, but computers and other devices may display them differently. For best color matching order a color chart under "Accessories" and you can choose the best colors to match yourself.

2. How do I customize my heavy equipment wrap kit?

You can click on one of several buttons you will find throughout the home page prompting you to start customizing or select “GET DIRTY” from the main navigation menu. From there, you will simply follow the prompts to select your customization preferences. 

3. Do I need experience to design and customize my wrap kit?

Absolutely not. Zero experience is required. Our process is easy to follow; even for those who lack creativity or technology skills. Trust us. You are more than capable.

4. What if I don't see a design that I like, or still don't feel comfortable customizing my wrap kit?

Send us an email to info@dirtygraphix.com, and we will be happy to work with you.

5. What type of equipment can Dirty Graphix make wrap kits for?

We specialize in wrap kits for a variety of equipment ranging from mini skid steers and skid loaders to excavators, dozers and tractors. If you don't see your equipment available, send us a message at info@dirtygraphix.com and we can discuss options for you.

6. What if I don't see my equipment listed on your website?

We are continually adding to our existing long list of models that we can create graphic wraps for. Please contact us if you don’t see your machine and we will do our best to accomodate you. 

7. Can I upload my logo and does it cost extra?

Yes, you can upload your logo. You will need to use the notes section to indicate where you would like your logo placed. Revisions to this can be made during the mockup approval process. It does not cost extra to upload your logo.

8. What image formats and sizes are acceptable for uploading my logo?

Logo files should be no more than 15MB, and must be in one of the following formats:

- PDF (Portable Document Format)

- AI (Adobe Illustrator Document)

- PSD (Photoshop Document)

- EPS (Encapsulated PostScript)

 *** IMPORTANT! If you are unable to obtain your logo in one of these formats, don't worry. We offer a LOGO RECREATION service to resolve this issue and keep your order moving.


* Our designers will recreate your logo in the correct format based on the information you provide us.

* You will receive your recreated logo in the correct format to keep for whatever other branding needs you have.

* We will be able to use your recreated logo in your design as you intended and receive copies of your logo in all the file formats.

For more information on this, email info@dirtygraphix.com or call 651-390-0439 ext. 1

9. What if I can't obtain my logo in the correct format?

If you are unable to obtain your logo in one of these formats - PDF, AI, PSD OR EPS, don't worry. We offer a LOGO RECREATION service to resolve this issue and keep your order moving.


* Our designers will recreate your logo in the correct format based on the information you provide us.

* You will receive your recreated logo in the correct format to keep for whatever other branding needs you have.

* We will be able to use your recreated logo in your design as you intended.

For more information on this, email info@dirtygraphix.com or call 651-390-0439 ext. 1

10. Can I add a trademarked logo to my machine that doesn't match the actual brand (ie. adding a Bobcat logo to a CAT machine)?

Absolutely NOT. There is a mile-long list of reasons why you cannot do this legally and ethically. You are only able to add your personal logo or the logo of your machine's actual brand. At Dirty Graphix, we run our business with integrity and do not settle for anything less.


1. Where and how should my wrap kit be stored before installation?

Before installation, all wraps need to be stored indoors where temperatures are 60 degrees Fahrenheit or above, and the humidity level is ideally around 45%. This ensures the wrap does not shrink before installation. 

2. How do I install my wrap kit?

Check out our graphic wrap installation guide under the "Installation Guide" tab located under the "Info" menu selection.

3. How do I remove my wrap kit?

A little heat (ie. heat gun, hair dryer) will help you remove the pieces of your wrap kit.

4. What tools/supplies do I need to install my wrap kit?

Our application kit and a heat gun (or hair dryer) are all you will need to install your graphic wrap.

5. What if I mess up the installation process?

With our step-by-step installation guide and how-to videos, It's hard to make a mistake. However, if you do end up needing a new piece, reach out ASAP to discuss the replacement process. Email info@dirtygraphix.com or call 651-390-0439.

Orders & Shipping

1. Where does Dirty Graphix ship to?

We can ship worldwide. Please note that Dirty Graphix is not responsible for any international import taxes or duty fees. We cannot insure international orders outside the U.S. and Canada.

2. What is the process of ordering a wrap kit?

  • You design and customize your wrap.
  • Add your wrap to your cart and complete the checkout and shipping process. 
  • Dirty Graphix then receives your order to review and will create a mockup with several versions of your wrap kit, and send this to you via the email address you used when ordering.
  • You need to approve your mockup sent to you by one of our designers. We can not move forward with production until this is completed. 
  • Once your mockup is approved, Dirty Graphix can send your wrap kit to production.
  • Finally, your wrap will be shipped and you will receive it in 10-14 business days ready for you to install.

3. How long will it take to receive my order?

Several factors can impact this timeline such as the mockup approval process, but overall you can expect to receive your wrap kit in 10-14 business days.

4. How much is shipping?

The price of shipping varies based on the weight of your order and location and will be calculated at checkout.

5. Can I order replacement parts for my wrap kit?

Absolutely. Accidents happen and we have your back. If you need a replacement let us know and we will get one out to you promptly. If you do end up needing a new piece, reach out to us ASAP and we will be happy to replace ONE piece on us. You just pay shipping. Any additional pieces needed can be purchased at cost plus shipping and handling for up to one year from the time your original order was placed. 

6. Can I make changes to my order after it has been placed?

Yes, but you will need to email customerservice@dirtygraphix.com within 24 hours of your original order or call 651-390-0439. 

Returns and Warranty

1. What is Dirty Graphix's return policy?

We do not accept returns. We are a print-on-demand company meaning your graphic wrap is printed specifically for you and your customization options. If the return request is due to a mistake on our part, we will absolutely make it right, but your mistake is unfortunately your mistake.

2. Is my wrap kit covered under warranty?

Our graphic wrap kits do NOT come with a warranty. Our wraps are designed for durability to withstand rugged conditions, but they are expected to accrue normal wear and tear over time. Dirty Graphix is not liable for improper installation or everyday wear and tear. It is your responsibility to thoroughly inspect your graphic wrap upon receiving it, and before installation. Should you find a printing defect, please contact us immediately.

3. What if I do not like my custom wrap kit or change my mind about my purchase after I receive it?

We print our graphic wrap kits on demand. You place your order for the graphic wrap you’ve customized, and THEN we print it. We are not responsible for your design choices or desire to have something else entirely. Our designers send accurate mockups to give you a realistic idea of what your machine will look like after being wrapped.

Customer Service

1. Who can I contact for questions and concerns I wasn't able to find in the FAQs?

Our team can be reached via email or by phone. If we are unable to answer your call, please record a detailed message so we can be in touch as soon as possible.

Email: info@dirtygraphix.com

Phone: 651-390-0439

2. Where can I submit a review of my wrap kit or my overall experience working with Dirty Graphix?

The success and reputation of our company relies on your praise and feedback. You may always email us, but it is even more helpful to tell us what you love about Dirty Graphix on our Google Business page or social media accounts - Facebook and Instagram.

3. Where can I see photos of equipment with a Dirty Graphix wrap kit?

Check out our social media gallery located at the bottom of our home page, or head directly to our Instagram  @dirtygraphixinc or Facebook to view our feed. Don't forget to click 'FOLLOW' while you are there.

4. Where can I post photos of my equipment once the wrap kit has been installed?

You can post them on our Facebook or tag us on Instagram  @dirtygraphixinc. You can also email them to us at info@dirtygraphix.com, and we will gladly post them on our pages and tag you. 

Big Frig Coolers

1. About Big Frig coolers

Big Frig excels in crafting high-performance coolers, designed to endure rugged outdoor conditions. Their coolers merge durability, and innovative features, to the highest quality products.

2. Why does Dirty Graphix choose Big Frig to partner with?

Big Frig's reputation for durable, high-quality coolers aligns with Dirty Graphix's dedication to providing top-tier branding and design solutions. Together, they enhance customer's experiences by combining reliable functionality with visually striking aesthetics.

3. How do I customize a Big Frig cooler?

Cooler customization follows the same process as customizing a Dirty Graphix wrap. Customers have the freedom to choose from a wide variety of customizable designs, choose specific colors, and upload logos. There is also an option to create a custom one-off cooler in which you will work with a designer.

4. What are the cooler size options and their features?

  • 10qt: Holds 11 pounds of ice that stays cold for 3+ days. It can hold 14, 12oz cans
  • 20qt: Holds 19 pounds of ice that stays cold for 5+ days. It can hold 30 12oz cans
  • 45qt: Holds 47 pounds of ice that stays cold for 7+ days. It can hold 64 12oz cans
  • 70qt: This wheeled model holds 79 pounds of ice that stays cold for 10+ days, and holds 96 12oz cans. This heavy-duty, wheeled cooler is ready to roll with you wherever you go.

5. Can I return my cooler if I don't like it?

We do not accept returns on customized products. If there is an issue with your order, please email info@dirtygraphix.com, and we will work with you to get it resolved.

6. Will my Big Frig cooler arrive wrapped or will I have to apply the wrap?

Your Big Frig cooler will arrive already wrapped, ready to use.